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CAT in Finland


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Cognitive Analytic Therapy developed in Finland through the contacts and theoretical developments of Professor (emer.) Mikael Leiman. The first 2.5 year CAT training in Finland was organized in 1986-1988 by Mikael Leiman with Anthony Ryle as an invited lecturer. The trainees on this course were 12 psychologists from Southern Finland. Three of them continued later in the CAT advanced / supervisor training in 1991-1996. Finnish Association of Trainers of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (FATCAT) was created in the early 1990s. Cognitive Analytic Therapy gained government accreditation for psychotherapy training in Finland separately from cognitive psychotherapy. CAT training started to expand in Finland.

From 1995 to 2013 FINACAT (Finnish Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy) has been responsible for most of the CAT training in Finland. Since 1995 there have been twelve (12) 3-4 years long CAT psychotherapist trainings with 16 to 20 trainees in each.

Since the beginning of 2012 all psychotherapy training in Finland has had to be organised in co-operation with either psychology departments or medical faculties of a university. In February 2013 the first four year long CAT psychotherapist training started in co-operation with Helsinki University. Since then new courses have started every second year. 

FINACAT has approximately 180 members. There are 200 CAT therapists registered as psychotherapists in Finland and 57 of them are also CAT supervisors and trainers.

Finnish CAT therapists work in the public sector, in the third sector or as private practitioners. A CAT framework is used and then adapted for the different settings. ‘Long CAT’ (i.e. 40 sessions or more) is also frequently used when the client seems to need it. National Health Security contributes to the cost of psychotherapy for clients in Finland.


Since 1996 FINACAT has organized annual conferences for its members, as well as events for continuous professional development (CPD) and networking.

The first international conference was held in Finland in 2003: 1st International CAT Conference in Valamo, Northern Carelia; Ian Kerr on CAT in psychosis; Love in therapy; Motivation in CAT, shame in therapy; CAT, schema therapy and IPT in dialogue; Steve Potter’s workshop on mapping; Annalee Curran & Elizabeth McCormick: 2-day CPD workshop.

Finnish CAT therapists have always been eager to attend to the international CAT conferences and are open for collaboration and networking with other CAT therapist

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