CAT in France


CAT in France is in the early phase of its development.

Marie-Anne Bernardy-Arbuz, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, is the accredited CAT practitioner who introduced CAT in France in 2010.

She continues to work with CAT as part of her role in an outpatient clinic in Paris, attached to the psychiatry department of Robert Debre children’s and adolescent’s hospital in the public health sector. She is currently setting up research measuring the need for parents to have individual CAT sessions and/or a full CAT therapy after having come to 24 sessions of the ‘Incredible Years ‘parental guidance group.

Marie-Anne has presented the CAT model to various groups of professionals (psychoanalytical and cognitive-behavioural oriented) and presented an introductory CAT workshop in May 2016. She is working towards becoming a CAT supervisor and set up a CAT supervision group in 2016.  Marie-Anne can be reached by phone 01 43797345 in France or 0033 1 43797345 outside of France or by email at work :

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